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1 3/4

1 3/4" Western Flower Elastic Sequent Metal Stretch Belt

SKU: CH294:0100:A00E

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*This belt features elastic sequent metal stretch with interchangeable western flower engraved buckle. The stretch belt strap is ready to go with most buckles from our buckle categories - so easy to customize your own sequent stretch belts and create a new fashion style. *Material: Elastic sequent ornament metal *Width of Belt: 1 3/4" *Buckle Dimension(Length X Width):3 1/4" X 2 1/2" *Size Chart: One size fits all: fits 32" to 40" waist measurement *This belt stretch does not work with clamp on buckles. It works only with buckle that has metal loop and pin on its back. 1 1/2" or wider loop is required